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Slyck's Guide To Xnews
Xnews How To Use
Xnews is best used for downloading files in the Full Screen Mode to do that, simply click the full screen button:
Xnews uses windows for each server and each newsgroup. If you click the maximize button on a window (shown circled above), then you can have the best viewing area which is critical to browsing the binary newsgroups. Every window in Xnews has a button down at the bottom so to go to the window you want just click it's button on the bottom (shown circled below).
If you accidentally close the server window with the list of newsgroups in it, you can always get it back by clicking on Server on the top menu bar and choosing the server to connect to.
Above is a cutout of the lower left corner of a server window. To view all available newsgroups, make sure that All is activated. If there is a newsgroup that you want to add to a list of groups that you go to often, then subscribe to it by making sure that it is highlighted and hitting the = key. Subscribing does nothing more than add the newgroup to a list of newsgroups that you like so that you don't have to find it all the time, if you activate the Subscribed button this is where your list will be. There are also useful reasons for having these groups seperated, such as retrieving all the new headers for just the subscribed groups.
To get a list of the messages for a newsgroup just double click the name of the newsgroup in the list. If the newsgroup has a very large number of messages Xnews will display the option screen shown above.

Usually it will already be set for downloading all of the messages by the top arrow being all the way left and the bottom all the way right as indicated by the circles. If not, just set them there and click Okay.

Xnews opens a window for the newsgroup and begins to download the message headers. After Xnews finishes downloading the headers, it will sort them and attempt to combine multiple messages for each file. You will then be displayed with the list of what is in the newsgroup.

Once you have browsed through the list and decided on what you want to download the next thing to learn is how to select files in the list for download. Xnews has a funny way of having you select the messages that you want to queue for download. There is a column where Xnews displays the queue number for messages that have been marked, it is labeled Q. To add things to the queue simply click them in the area that is the Q column. To select multiple files, click in the Q column and drag your way up/down the column. To begin downloading the queued items press this button that is on the bottom of the newsgroup window:

Tip - Rather than using the Q button, highlight the items you want by either CRTL-Select or SHIFT-Select with the mouse, then press Spacebar. That queues what you want. Then simply press F4 to decode them to your desired folder.

You can always add things to the queue now by simply highlighting them and pressing the space bar. You can also go and check out another newsgroup while this one is working on the download.
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