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Slyck's Guide To Xnews
Xnews Intro And Installation
A fine news reader, Xnews makes downloading encoded files from the newsgroups easy. Xnews is easy to configure and relatively easy to use. It shines when using multiple servers and for making connections to the server while other connections already exist - for example downloading from one group and getting a list of headers from another at the same time. All around a good news reader and best of all it is FREE! If you don't know how the newsgroups work please take a look at our Guide to the Newsgroups.
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Installation is old skool! What is that? Well, the program has no installation utility - it comes as a zip file containing the file for the program. You simply unzip the file into a folder (usually you create a folder in your Program Files folder) and that's it. You can create a shortcut if you want for it, just right click the program icon and choose Create Shortcut. Then you can take the shortcut and place it wherever you want it. To start the program, simply click the shortcut or click the program icon in the folder where you unzipped it.
This will pop up when you run Xnews for the first time:
Enter news server name - enter the name of the news server that you will connect to. If you do not know the name of your news server or do not know what a news server is, go to our news server page. After you click OK, another window will pop up asking you to name the server you just entered, give it any name and click OK.

The Xnews Setup window should open automatically and be on the servers tab, you can also get to it by clicking Special on the top menu bar and choosing Setup Xnews.
Enter Username and Password if necessary - if your server requires a Username and Password to login, enter it here.

If you will be using many servers, now is a good time to set them up, simply click the New... button on the bottom left part of the window. Then enter the server name and nickname (and Username and Password). It's that easy!

Now click the Display tab (on top of the setup window).
1. Set Default Sort - Choose to sort by subject rather than by date in the select box.

2. Uncheck these boxes - turn off Split Screen display by default and Expand all threads by default. It is important to do this to take advantage of Xnews' ability to sort, display, select and queue binary files. For the love of God, un-check these boxes to make life EASY!

Now click the Files tab (on top of the setup window).
Enter a download Folder - this will be the default location for files that Xnews has downloaded and decoded.

Now we're ready to get started!
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