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Slyck's Guide To Winrar
Winrar Intro and Guide
WinRAR is an application used to reassemble a multiple part archive into its original form. Today's binary news readers take on most of the reassembly work, but occasionally an archive will fail to extract. That's when you need WinRAR, an essential tool for any serious Usenet traveler.
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WinRAR is an archiving and compression program that has become very popular for its ability to split the archive it creates into many pieces. This is very useful for getting large files because of two reasons. First, you can download several parts immediately, and several parts later to spread your download out the way you want. Two, if there is a problem with one part, the solution is to simply get a good copy of the failed part. The bottom line - if you're looking for a tool that can reassemble a 47 part RAR archive, look no further.
Figure 1: Associating Files...
When you run WinRAR for the first time, the setup window will ask what files you want to associate with WinRAR (see Figure 1). Because WinRAR is such an awesome program, we recommend that you change nothing since you'll run into ZIP files on occasion as well. Click "OK" and that will take care of the installation process.
Figure 2: Extracting a File...
To reassemble an archive, first find your download folder. The RAR archive should be there, waiting patiently to be reassembled. If you have to extract an archive manually, you have to be careful which file you double click on. The procedure is slightly different on pre and post WinRAR 3.0 archives.
Pre Version 3.0
Figure 3: Extracting a Pre 3.0 Archive...
To extract a pre WinRAR 3.0 archive, it's very important to file to find the file with the RAR extention (highlighted red in Figure 2). Once you find that file, just double click it and WinRAR will open. From there, just drag and drop it to the folder of your choice.
Post Version 3.0
Figure 4: Extracting a Post 3.0 Archive...
To extract a post WinRAR 3.0 archive, you can double click on any RAR file. But often times we find that if you drag and drop, you'll get an error message and the archive won't extract. If this happens, click "Extract To", which will open up a new window, asking where you want the archive to extract. If you simply click "OK", it will extract right where the archive downloaded. Convenient!
Creating a RAR Archive
Figure 5: Creating an Archive..
The first step in creating a RAR archive is to right click on the file you wish to archive. You'll see serveral WinRAR options - click "Add to archive..."
Figure 6: Splitting The File...
A new window will pop up where you can specify exactly how you would like to make your archive. For the most part, you can just leave everything the way it is. The only section you really need to worry about is the "Split to volumes, bytes". If you want your file broken into 15 megabyte chunks, simply add the value "15728640" bytes (15 megabytes x 1024 bytes x 1024 bytes). After that, click "OK" and WinRAR will archive your file.
Figure 7: The Archive...
Once you've let WinRAR do its thing, you'll have an achive as shown in figure 7. Our file was broken down into 15,360 KB, or 15 megabytes exactly (15,360 KB x 1024 KB = 15 Megabytes). If you want, you can now upload this archive to the newsgroups.
If there are any missing or corrupt files, you'll have to find a way to repair or replace them. Check out our PAR & PAR2 Files section for more information.
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