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Slyck's Guide To WinMX
When WinMX first came onto the P2P scene, it was used solely as an OpenNap client. Things would change however, when OpenNap collapsed at the hands of the RIAA. After Napster was forced to shut down its central servers, the RIAA issued cease and desist letters to virtually all OpenNap server operators. Like Napster, OpenNap's central servers were and continue to be its greatest vulnerability.
Instead of dying along side OpenNap, FrontCode Technologies instead developed its own decentralized network. Within months, the new P2P network was rivaling the budding popularity of FastTrack. While the OpenNap segment of WinMX has certainly taken a back seat to the powerful WinMX P2P network, there is still some value left in this archaic community. WinMX allows the user to search WinMX community and OpenNap simultaneously, allowing accesses to a potent amount of information.
There are several ways to connect to the OpenNap network. WinMX allows you to connect to several servers at once; thereby yielding greater search results. Some server operators have frowned on this, citing that such practices lead to leaching and server overload.
Connecting to OpenNap - Method 1
When you launch the OpenNap window (found in the Networks section) in your WinMX client, you'll be presented with a toolbar with several options. Allowing WinMX to automatically search and generate an OpenNap list is the most convenient way to connect, but not necessarily the easiest. When using this feature, its hoped that someone is sharing a current WSX file, which holds the OpenNap server information.
This method permits you to access servers that may not necessarily be associated with and and maintains a database of OpenNap servers. Operators who wish to be associated with this service provide all the information necessary for a client to connect to their centralized server.
Since the first six icons on the tool bar are self explanatory, we'll concentrate on the last three:
Find .WSX
It's important to be connected to the WinMX network for this function to work to its fullest capacity. When you use this feature, it searches for individuals who are sharing .WSX files. Once you initiate your query, go to the Search window and wait for the results to come in. After downloading the .WSX file, we're ready to Import the file to WinMX.
Import .WSX
Once you've downloaded the .WSX file, you're ready to import it into WinMX. Basically, find the directory you've downloaded the .WSX file into, and it will automatically populate the WinMX client.
Export .WSX
If you've found an OpenNap list that you'd like to add to your shared directory, user this feature.
Connecting to OpenNap - Method 2
Once you have your WinMX client populated, you are then ready to search the OpenNap community for mp3 files. Although using WinMX to populate your server list is effective, you can also utilze and While no direct compatability exists between the two, other methods have been developed so that the wealth of server resouces on and can be imported to WinMX.
You should have you WinMX open so NapMX can populate the client. The layout and display on NapMX are simple. Simply highlight which servers you wish to add, or add all available servers by clicking Auto-Select. From there, click Export.
A smaller window will appear after clicking Export. You can either save the data as a .WSX file, or immediately send it over and populate your server list in WinMX. From there, you're all set. Happy downloading!
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