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WinMX Intro
Important: As of September 21, 2005, the host cache server provided by has ceased operation. In addition, it appears the entire WinMX project has been abandoned. Because the domain has been taken down, it is impossible to connect to this network via However, you can still connect to the WinMX network by one of the following methods:
WinMX Info
Current Version
3.54 Beta 4 (Project ended)
More Info
Vladd44 PIE Patch This method alters your host list and redirects your WinMX client to's host cache server.
WinmxWorld DLL Patch This method alters the WinMX ws2_32.dll so the client connects with's host cache server.
WinMX has an interesting history in the P2P world. During the reign of Napster, WinMX was merely an OpenNap client. It gained an impressive following of OpenNap users, who enjoyed this client's vast array of functionality and features. However, the climate of P2P networking was about to change.
As an OpenNap client, WinMX was largely dependent on the health of this community. During the Napster's heyday, OpenNap was a terrific alternative to this crowded network. In addition, with over 100,000 users, this community could provide just about any mp3 one was looking for.
While things were humming along in P2P land, the RIAA was about to tear its very heart away. The file-sharing world was thrown into chaos in the year 2000 when the courts sided with the music industry and ordered Napster to block illegal file-sharing. This effectively brought an end to file-sharing on Napster. Since a majority of file-sharing took place on Napster, the P2P community collapsed around it.
The music industry was on a roll and it didn't stop its rampage against Napster. Scour Exchange fell, and soon OpenNap was to follow. The RIAA sent legal notices to most of the OpenNap server operators, who under the threat of legal action, ceased operation of their servers. The OpenNap community collapsed virtually overnight.
Those who built their success in the P2P world dependent on OpenNap faced a tumultuous situation. At this point they had a client that connected to nothing. True, a few foreign servers still existed, but those who survived were overburned with users. Time to evolve of face elimination.
And evolve is exactly what WinMX did. On May 2nd, 2001, WinMX version 2.5 was released. Along with its typical OpenNap support, the client also introduced the WinMX Peer Networking Protocol (WPNP). Since WinMX already has an impressive number of users, a core epicenter was already in place that would help fuel the P2P renaissance.
Propelled by the popularity of version 2.6, WinMX has become a staple of the P2P community. With over 1 million simultaneous users, virtually any mp3 one could want resides on this network. In addition, WinMX doesn't have any bitrate restriction, allowing the user to choose from a wide variety of files. While the long queues can be frustrating, patience is rewarded with one of the largest resources of mp3s on the Internet today.
Note: Most new WinMX releases are available on the Beta page, rather than the home page.
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