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December 31, 2002
Thomas Mennecke
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Cablevision and P2P (a bit old but still interesting...) reports that Cablevision's high speed internet service, 'Optimum Online' that advertises 'unlimited usage', and 'easy access to MP3s, has warned customers that usage of any of Napster's successors (which would include Kazaa, Bearshare, etc.) violates their terms of use agreement. Customers are left feeling misled by the company, but according to the terms of use, running a server from their service is against policy, and that is what the 'Napster's successors' software does. said this:

Napster is dead, and now 20 of its successors could bring trouble. Cablevision's high-speed Internet service, Optimum Online, has warned its customers that uploading files using baby Napsters could violate the terms of service.

Optimum Online's warning emphasizes that Napster's successors strain its network. But, without even mentioning the word "copyright," the advisory also satisfies the recording industry's growing concerns about copyright infringement.

Read the full story here.

2002 Technology/Copyright review

The Washington Post is running an interesting article on some of the big tech stories of 2002. Of course, the P2P networking and copyright issue was at the tip of many people's toungues.

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