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µTorrent 1.2 Released
November 10, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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uTorrent has quickly become one of the most popular BitTorrent clients in the file-sharing community. It's rise to popularily has been aided by its remarkably small footprint. The total file size is only 102 kilobytes, and uses little more than 5K of memory.

These charactaristics represent µTorrent's latest iteration, version 1.2. What continues to impress is this release introduces several new features, including mainline DHT (Distributed Hash Table) support.

BitTorrent clients with DHT support are often referred to as "trackerless" clients. This terminology can be misleading, as it implies no reliance on trackers. Rather, BitTorrent clients with DHT support is a network layer that functions on top of the the BitTorrent protocol.

From our BitComet explination:

For example, let's assume there are 50 µTorrent clients participating on a network. In addition, say these 50 µTorrent clients are using "A Great Tracker" as their index. These µTorrent clients will work together to create a virtual index of information currently traded on "A Great Tracker."

Under previous circumstances, if you were downloading "A Great Song.mp3" from that network of µTorrent users and the tracker went down, the swarm would be lost. However with the DHT layer also indexing the torrent file, it would act like a tracker by continuing the swarms and find additional sources.

µTorrent's DHT implimentation is compatible with mainline clients, such as BitTorrent Beta and BitComet, but not Azureus.

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