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BREIN Plans Major Offensive against BitTorrent Trackers
October 24, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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BREIN’s success in the Netherlands has been mixed when it comes to intellectual property rights enforcement. They were unable to successfully prosecute KaZaA BV, then owners of the FastTrack network. Their fortunes have changed though as more recently BREIN has succeeded in shutting down Dutch based eDonkey2000 indexing servers Releases4u and ShareConnector.

Looking to build on their success, BREIN is turning their sights on BitTorrent trackers. In a Dutch online news article, BREIN chairman Tim Kuik stated that his organization was going to start taking action against “dozens” of indexing sites.

It appears the pseudo-revival of, under the guise of, has spurred this latest action. is a virtual carbon copy of the old “universal BitTorrent” listing site. Sloncek, the administrator of sold the site’s code to a “friend” who in turn established the new site. Over the course of the last two weeks, the site has enjoyed growing popularity. This growing popularity appears to have irked BREIN.

With enforcement actions scheduled for next week, many BitTorrent indexing sites are considered potential targets. First and foremost, it appears will be BREIN’s primary objective. In addition,,, and the smaller TripTorrent may also be under the gun. may escape legal action as their owner states that "there is nothing illegal about hosting torrent files, and besides, we've got a strict copyright policy"

While on the surface it appears many BitTorrent sites may be in danger, the news surrounding this event may be their savior. At least three BitTorrent tracking sites have already begun preparing for this attack by switching web hosts to locations outside the Netherlands. and, in response to this upcoming action, have just confirmed their departure from the Netherlands.

"Goodbye Holland. Snarf is closed due to renovations, this server is now a shell and devoid of life. We hope to see you soon from a sunnier climate :)."

In essence, when BREIN does initiate their enforcement action, there may not be any BitTorrent indexing sites remaining in the Netherlands.

Tim Kuik, Director of BREIN, did not answer repeated requests for comment on this issue.

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