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µTorrent Joins the BitTorrent Herd
October 8, 2005
Tom Reeves
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Since BitTorrent's introduction to the file-sharing world, many developers have jumped at the opportunity to create their own BitTorrent clients. Their aim is to improve upon the simple Python-based application written by Bram Cohen.

We've seen clients ranging from Python-based mods such as BitTornado to fully-featured java-based clients like Azureus. C++ applications in the form of BitComet have also spun off from the original client.

While feature rich, Azureus' major downfall is its java-based core which requires a significant amount of computer resources in order to run stable. Those who have lower-end PCs or those who simply don't want to dedicate the majority of their resources to one application turn to lighter, more suitable clients for their needs.

Until now, BitComet has been one of the most popular alternative clients to Azureus. It contains enough of Azureus' features to satisfy those searching for a decent torrent manager while keeping a low CPU and memory footprint.

It's this sacrifice of unneeded features over performance that can be a deciding factor when choosing a client. Now, BitTorrent users have one more choice in the growing fields of lightweight torrent clients - µTorrent. This new client brings additional competition as µTorrent appears to be the lightest application in the BitTorrent scene.

While running the application, µTorrent peaked at around 4K memory usage. This low footprint is over 10K lower than that of BitComet, which not only benefits the end user but offers additional benefits to the BitTorrent community. Its low resource consumption allows users who would otherwise close their download to continue seeding while continuing with other tasks.

The addition of µTorrent to the BitTorrent world has been warmly received by many avid torrent users. A brief exception to this occurred when an early bug caused µTorrent to send incorrect statistics to the invite-only music tracker Oink. The µTorrent developers quickly responded to this by releasing version 1.1.3, which squashed this bug and placed the client back in Oink's good books.

In a market of freeware applications to choose from, µTorrent has certainly found a niche that will continue to attract a growing userbase and earn itself a rightful place in the BitTorrent community.

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