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California State University System Establishes Approved Entertainment Service
July 18, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Providing industry approved content has been become a high priority these days for college and university administrators. Looking to avoid the legal pitfalls associated with P2P software on campuses, and increasing amount of Universities are inking partnerships with industry sanctioned content providers.

So far, isolated universities have partnered with industry-sanctioned content. Singular universities such as Penn State provide the Napster music service to campus students, however up until today's announcement there has not been any kind of statewide commitment. The California State University system, with an enrollment of over 600,000 students, announced today it would partner with Cdigix to provide approved content.

The deal marks the first time an entire state university system will provide approved content to the student body. It is also a huge step forward in providing such content, as deals have been spotty at best.

Cdigix will provide a wide range of content through its service. Through MusicNet, students will have access to over 1.5 million digital music tracks. In addition, student will have access to TV programming from networks such as "Walt Disney Pictures, ESPN, and Cartoon Network."

In addition, Cdigix has a uniquely named and innovative program dubbed "Ctrax2Go." If students choose to join to the program, they can download an unlimited amount of digital tracks to their compatible MP3 player (as long as the subscription is maintained.)

One interesting fact of the new service is the availability of TV content. Although music downloading remains the most sought after form of entertainment, TV programs consume a significantly greater amount of bandwidth.

Slyck contacted Cdigix and inquired whether the cost of the service will be included in the student's tuition or if it will be a separate fee. Our inquiry has so far gone unanswered.

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