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P2P and IM Attacks Improve Admirably from First Quarter
July 5, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Slyck takes a parody view on a serious situation.

After a sluggish start to the second quarter of 2005, hackers world-wide were able to push themselves to meet their mid year quota. Verified by security firm Akonix, the number of P2P and IM attacks increased by 400% from the first quarter of 2005.

"We're completely thrilled to have reached our goal," an anonymous hacker told "A lot of new security features were placed on the more popular P2P and IM clients after the first quarter of 2005. It took our R&D team some time to crack these tough nuts, however we literally burned the midnight oil to not only meet, but exceed our fist quarter expectations."

P2P and IM worm scripters remarked on some of their more notable achievements, such as the development of three new IM parent works, "Aimsend, Harwig and Pinkton."

"We are generally satisfied with Opanki worm, Oskabot worm and the workhorse of the fleet, the Kelvir worm. However, we realized many businesses were incorporating various protection methods against these tried and true worms. While we are by no means retiring these worms, we realize that as corporate networks change, we do also."

Indeed, many corporate networks remain open to various P2P and IM attacks as these Internet mediums become valuable tools for daily business. The mis-use of these applications, such as the sharing of sensitive data, can put businesses at great risk. As the sophistication level of virus writing becomes more elevated, Akonix warns businesses must stay focused on protecting themselves, a sentiment agreed with by many.

"We realize that businesses are using solution firms such as Akonix to arrest our progress. However, we have demonstrated time and time against that we are ready for any challenge placed before us. Information is a valuable tool. Those businesses that heed the advice of security firms will in all likelihood avoid crippling network failure, while those who do not will assist us meet our third quarter goal."

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