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SnoCap Allies Itself with Several Independent Labels
March 18, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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SnoCap, run by Napster founder and ex-P2P revolutionary Shawn Fanning, has signed aboard several independent labels. Their new allies include Absolutely Kosher Records, Artemis Records/Sheridan Square Entertainment, Gammon Records, Streetbeat Records / Pandisc / Kriztal Entertainment, Nacional Records, Nettwerk Records, OM Records/Deep Concentration, Reality Entertainment and TVT Records.

By utilizing SnoCap's technology, these new labels will be able to control and manage what content is distributed through authorized P2P networks and other online distributors. In addition to these and other independent artists, Sony BMG and Universal are also securing their music with SnoCap technology.

However, those are the only two major labels that so far seem willing to supply at least a limited supply of their music to P2P networks. The RIAA has instead pressed for a more controlled environment, such as Napster or iTunes. Realizing the short supply from mainstream music manufacturers, Shawn Fanning notes the importance of independent labels.

"These indie labels are essential partners in creating deeper and richer online access to music and we are pleased that they recognize the need for SNOCAP's technology and services," said Shawn Fanning, Chief Strategy Officer for SNOCAP.

It appears that DRM firms such as SnoCap and Altnet are both following a similar trend. Two days ago, Altnet distributed a press release which stated they have signed on independent music label, V2. If this trend continues, it should prove to be an interesting time for independent labels.

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