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The Quest to Filter Unauthorized File-Trading
February 15, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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The attempt to stop Internet piracy has been a fluid affair for the copyright industry. Various attempts have met with mixed results. For example, the RIAA has been successful in stomping out Napster and crippling FastTrack, while the MPAA has eradicated many of the larger BitTorrent tracker sites such as Youceff Torrents and LokiTorrent.

Despite achieving some key victories in the online copyright war, many would characterize the situation as more of a stalemate. File-sharing networks continue to proliferate, BitTorrent tracker sites continue to rise (while some fall) and older veteran networks such as eDonkey2000, Gnutella and Ares Galaxy are seemingly intact. If the copyright industry is looking for an additional remedy, perhaps iPeer is their solution.

iPeer, created by INTENT MediaWorks, is an attempt to bring P2P into a more acceptable vision with copyright owners. iPeer is a P2P application that works along site various other P2P networks such as Gnutella or FastTrack. The application works on two levels: from the point of view of an average file-trader or the individual using iPeer.

For the individual using an unmolested P2P client such as LimeWire, content provided by copyright holders will be able to present their legal alternatives in addition to non-copyrighted material. Much like Altnet, iPeer files will appear substantially different (via highlighting, etc.) than unauthorized material.

For the individual using iPeer, only the sharing of sanctioned files is permitted. Content providers submit the content they wish to distribute to INTENT MediaWorks. INTENT encrypts within iPeer what content can and cannot be traded. At this time, some content will be available for free, while other files may have a price tag.

"Everyone in the industry has been waiting for a solution to the problem of illegally traded files. INTENT is offering such a solution," said Les Ottolenghi, President of INTENT MEDIAWORKS. "The media companies are worried about illegal file trading and have sued several thousand consumers as a result. The P2P software companies and networks have been looking for a way to advance their technology and help prevent illegal file trading. INTENT MEDIAWORKS has come up with the solution to both parties problems and is now making it available for use," added Ottolenghi.

The arrival of this software brings up an important question. Time and time again, P2P developers have stated it is impossible to filter unauthorized material – however INTENT MediaWorks seems to have found a way (albeit cumbersome for commercial P2P developers.) While iPeer’s technology is not designed to function inside of applications such as WinMX or Kazaa, it may add a bit of fuel to the RIAA’s and MPAA’s argument.

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