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TV-Swarm Pulls the Plug - For Now
February 12, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller is reporting that a popular TV Torrent site, TV-Swarm, has voluntarily taken itself off line. The site has become a favorite of many in the TV Torrent community, as the site offered a wide variety of show titles from around the world. Those unable to watch a particular show due to geographical location found the site particularly useful.

However, this is a dangerous time for the BitTorrent community. The loss of LokiTorrent was an immeasurable loss - even if you never used the site. The loss of LokiTorrent not only damaged the availability of Torrent files, but the reputation of Torrent websites and operators.

Unfortunately, LokiTorrent Administrator Edward Webber was faced with a situation he could not control. While we would all like to think he could have stood up and fight the good fight, the situation proved impossible.

With the help of Bay TSP, the MPAA could easily find the IP addresses of uploaders and seeders. It appears the MPAA intentionally forced the logs from Edward Webber simply to split the BitTorrent community against him - this tactic appears to be working.

As the MPAA continues to launch a successful mind control game against many in the BitTorrent community, their war machine continues to gather casualties. The latest victim, TV-Swarm has indefinitely suspended operations until further notice. Until their site was completely removed, this message appeared on their homepage:

"With LokiTorrent going down and a general feeling of unease, we are taking a break. We do not know for how long, but we will let you know when we do. Please stay tuned."

The TV-Swarm IRC channel remains active. How long TV-Swarm will stay down remains unclear, however considering the MPAA steam roller has not slowed, it appears to be a very long time.

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