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Top 10 Alternatives
February 11, 2005
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This list is not meant to be an absolute. Instead, it has been developed to give those seeking alternatives to the now closed some choices. I hope this list will lead to debate, and posting of other good alternatives. Enjoy!

10. - No Registration Required

While not an actual Torrent site, this site indexes the many Torrent sites out there on the net. No Torrent fan can do without this one!

9. - No Registration Required

This new comer has a nice layout and offers quite a few Torrents. The webmaster also claims the site is hosted in China where it’s nice and safe from the likes of the MPAA

8. - Registration Required

Sharelive has been around for a long time as far as Torrent sites go. It suffered a long period of downtime but is back in full force now. You will also find hashlinks to files on various other networks here.

7. - No Registration Required

This great Torrent site was forced to close down for awhile due to legal troubles. However it has returned with a new, safe overseas host. Torrentz features a nice, easy to use layout and an ever growing amount of content.

6. - No Registration Required

TV-Swarm is your one stop Torrent spot for new TV episodes. High quality HDTV and PDTV rips of all the newest shows are posted often within a few short hours of there airing.

5. - No Registration Required

This site has a nice strait forward easy to use interface and offers a nice selection of Torrents - will probably see a large influx of users with Loki going down.

4. - No Registration Required

A site very similar to TorrentPortal. Worth checking out for sure, shows much promise.

3. - Registration Required

want to be part of a site that will stand up to the MPAA, this site is for you. Has been around for some time and doesn’t appear to have any plans on closing anytime soon. Nice layout and a real wealth of content.

2. - No Registration Required

This is one of two sites that will be competing for the crown of king of Torrents. Nice easy to use search interface. A must stop webpage for Torrent fans.

1. - No Registration Required

TorrentSpy looks to be the front runner in the race to be the “next Loki”. Its’ easy to use search interface and in depth library of Torrents makes it easy for anyone to find whatever they might need. It has also been around for awhile and doesn’t look to be closing its doors anytime soon.

If you know of any other Torrent sites that people should know about, please feel free to post them.

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