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LokiTorrent caves to MPAA
February 10, 2005
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LokiTorrent fed the torrent hunger of 680,000 active registered members and dealt with 1.8 million hits per day. They were the only website to stand and fight the MPAA after the pre-Christmas shutdowns. Or so the community, who donated $40,000 legal aid, thought.

Either $40, 000 is not enough to fight, or the MPAA have given Edward Webber, the site owner, a better offer.

“This website has been permanently shut down by court order because it facilitates the illegal downloading of copyrighted motion pictures,” an MPAA notice on now reads.

Torrentstop, LokiTorrent's lighter sister which is also run by Webber, displays the same notice.

Sources close to Webber have confirmed that the shutdown by the MPAA is permanent. The case will not go to trail. No more information is available at this stage due to a court gagging order.

Update: By court order, LokiTorrent administrator Edward Webber has agreed to pay a substantial fine and to provide all BitTorrent activity logs of its former users. From the MPAA press release:

The MPAA's efforts to date have resulted in a 40 percent reduction in the number of servers that continue to operate. One such site that will no longer exist is LokiTorrent—one of the largest BitTorrent host servers. The operator of that site, Edward Webber, agreed to not only pay a substantial settlement with even greater financial penalties for any further such actions, but by Court Order must provide the MPAA with access to and copies of all logs and server data related to his illegal BitTorrent activities, which will provide a roadmap to others who have used LokiTorrent to engage in illegal activities.

Hollywood has a record of avoiding the difficulties of proving their victims guilty. As a substitute, they intimidate both P2P users and leaders by making offers which can not be refused.

Webber’s intention to stand and fight have been under scrutiny since the website was found for sale on US Netco SEDO, complete with the details of 680, 000 active members. Webber claimed to be testing the water, saying he did not mean to cause a stir.

The loss is another blow to BitTorrent, and file sharing as a whole, which has lost many of the main P2P websites over the last few months. Nonetheless, it is a community which has survived the loss of SuprNova and Youceff, returning virtually unscathed on the other side.

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