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Just Snarf-it - A New BitTorrent Site
February 6, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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For almost a week on the SuprNovaForums, news was circulating regarding a new BitTorrent site named However, little substance was given to this news as its existence was left to speculation and hear-say. Finally, rumors gave away to fact as the BitTorrent site finally went online. is being marketed for several reasons, including the all important component of popularity. Although has only existed a few days, over 350 releases have already been posted - not a bad start. While is and was publicized heavily through, it is important to make two distinctions: 1) has no affiliations with Sloncek, the administer of, 2) Other than acting as a publicity vehicle, has no affiliation with No administrator or moderator owns or developed That distinction goes to "Snarfer", who took the time out to speak with Slyck.

"Snarf-it isn't connected to officially. There was some input from people there regarding the designing of our mascot, Snarfy (the SNF graphics people are very talented), and also a lot of support from the admin, mods and VIP's there. Special mention has to go to FD, Snakey, and M@W who came up with the mascot idea, when FD told me about Snarfy and his story I laughed a lot, it was perfect."

Like many new entities that join the P2P world, speculation usually accompanies the unknown. The motivation of such a venture usually becomes a topic of heavy conversation, especially when new ventures suspiciously add third party advertising to an application. However, it appears the's intentions are to merely enhance the BitTorrent experience.

"...I hope that we will make a lot of people happy, we want to put some of the fun back into this. Snarfy is a great mascot and we plan on having a running story line of his adventures (he has already been seen "pimping it up" and sunning himself on a beach) hehe. As for the site, well I would like us to become the Google of the torrent world, we want to help get out the Linux distros and TV show torrents from a central point. We only encourage torrents of legal files and would like to take this opportunity to invite any company who thinks that Snarf-it is being used to infringe [on] their copyright to email us and we will investigate."

Considering the level of MPAA/RIAA scrutiny existing in the file-sharing world, one may question the luminosity of launching a new BitTorrent site. As many already know, once popular site such as Youceff Torrents was forced offline, while LokiTorrent faces an expensive legal battle. Despite this, Snarfer insists his site's main priority is legal torrent files. The geographical nature of his tracker, not to mention himself, plays an important role in his resistance of the MPAA and RIAA.

"I'm French and I live in Malaysia, however Snarf-it is based in China. I don't fear any reprisals from the **AA as we are doing nothing wrong, as stated before we will investigate any infringement alleged and if found remove the torrent. We will also possibly charge them a small fee for using our website for advertising without our consent."

As the situation revs up for, Snarfer tells us the site is doing well traffic-wise. As time moves on, the administrator of Snart-it plans on adding forums and other "non-conventional ideas" to the site. We can only imagine.

However, as more people come to the site, the expense of maintaining such an operation correlates directly. Snarfer tells us that eventually ads will have to be added to the site to ensure the site's existence, yet they will not be invasive nor diminish from the quality of the site.

"Well we hope to attract advertisers as soon as possible, we have space on all pages at present, we will not overload the page though so that it detracts from the site...I think with the amount of hits we are getting that it is a good place for people to see your product. We will not allow any ads that we deem to be inappropriate, Snarfy is a wholesome family friend not a penis extension seller (*shudders at the thought). Also only banners are available, no activeX controls or ads that may harm our users will be considered."

So there you have it - a new BiTorrent tracker site with the potential to become a significant player in the file-sharing world. How long - or any BitTorrent site - will exist remains an important question as the MPAA's crusade to eradicate this network remains high on their priority list.

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