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The Return of
January 11, 2005
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Since the closure of SuprNova late last year, torrents have been lacking a home.

SuprNova was never feature rich, but it was simple and a central point for release groups to dump their Warez.

No torrent sites have made a true bid to fill SuprNova’s huge shoes. Torrent search engines have served to temporarily fill the void, but these are increasingly searching each other. Faulty torrents are rife.

In steps

“After many attempts we are finally back … For those who don’t remember, was half the size of SuprNova at the time of closure, we had well over 300 k registered users a great and helpful community. Well it’s about time we restore all that,” the site owner, “Flippy,” told the FileSoup forums. has a shaky history. At its peak, the site had over half the content of the almighty SuprNova, but it was based on quicksand foundations.

With nothing more than a DMCA notice from Microsoft to the site hosts, the PHP walls and HTML roof collapsed in February 2004.

Now is back, this time based in a DMCA free zone, called China.

Flippy explained further in his Filesoup announcement,

“The timing isn’t that great because of the MPAA attacks on torrent sites, but since we are being hosted in China I’m not all that worried about that”

Flippy was not available for immediate comment, but Wiak, a admin, told Slyck that he believes the site will be a success because it is a “fast loading site, it's clean and it has no popups or ads”.

The site also boasts additional torrent information, a feature removed from SuprNova due to bandwidth consumption.

The search feature has been described as “work in progress” by Wiak.

Expect big things from over the next few months.

BOUNCING BACK is not the first site to re-open after the MPAA raids, which shut down multiple BitTorrent and eDonkey indexing websites.

On the 22 December, only days after the raids, Sharelive made its comeback.

ive has a unique emphasis on requesting files and provides unprecedented information on each torrent. The site is still advertisement free, but now requires free registration after the servers where attacked.

Sharelive also indexes content for multiple other networks, including eDonkey2000.

Meanwhile, LokiTorrent, which also requires free registration, is still running and planning to fight the MPAA. The site raised the target $30, 000 to put towards legal fees last month. Loki is a quarter of the way to their target this month.

Finally, a member of staff at ShareConnector, who uses the acronym Lord_Anubis, is promising the site’s return. In a statement posted on RespectP2P, Lord_Anubis has said that although arrests where made, all those involved were released the next day. Lawyers are currently working to get ShareConnector back online.

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