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SuprNova to Make Major Announcement
December 29, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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On December 19, 2004, many in the P2P community were dismayed to learn that had voluntarily taken itself off line. This action was believed to be in direct response to the MPAA's (Motion Picture Association of America) world wide efforts to dismantle all major eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent indexing sites. While this is certainly a component of SuprNova's demise, it has also been speculated that eXeem is playing a major role in this BitTorrent site's metamorphosis.

Slyck first reported on eXeem earlier this month. eXeem is reported to be a decentralized version of BitTorrent - a network where centralized trackers do not exist. At this time, insufficient documentation exists regarding the network or the project, however many have debated whether the new decentralized network can even call itself BitTorrent. Time will settle that debate.

The length we have to wait until many questions are answered appears to be drawing to an end. On's home page, the administration has posted that an announcement will be made tomorrow (12/30) at 4PM EST. The announcement will be made on Below is the text on

Greetings everybody

It has been more then a week since went down. We are sorry that we have not updated the site with more recent news, but we have been very busy.

Anyway, we will soon be making an announcement. Announcement will be made on radio on 30th December around 10 PM CET (9 PM GMT, 4 PM EST).

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