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TVTorrents Back Online
December 20, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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With the fall of multiple Torrent sites such as or Youceff Torrents, many immediately assume if a Torrent site is inaccessible, it must be a victim of the MPAA. This clearly is not the case in all circumstances. (formerly, one of Slyck's top 10 BitTorrent web sites, recently experienced some down time. By mere coincidence, this downtime occurred during the MPAA's world wide crackdown of BitTorrent web sites. However, TVTorrents was not a victim of this campaign, rather a domain switch and clerical miscommunication. An administrator of emailed us with the following information:

"'I’m writing on behalf of #tvtorrents, one of the largest tv show bittorent
sites. We've had some trouble with our domain name (a former op decided to
let it lapse without telling us!) and we have a new url -
to replace the old one ( There's rumors going around
that we're closed down like Torrentbits and SuprNova, but we're still here."

In an age of BitTorrent uncertainly, it is refreshing to know at least one good Torrent site is still functioning. You can also visit #TVTorrents on Efnet.

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