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Yahoo! Acquires Musicmatch
September 14, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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During the early days, Musicmatch was one of the first and worst "legitimate" music services. However over time, like many other services, it was forced to improve its selection and quality. Today, it offers approximately 700,000 downloadable tracks, while allowing users to stream around 900,000 songs.

Compared to many other services, or at least the way many services used to operate, Musicmatch is quite liberal. Downloaded music has no life span, no forced subscription (pay as you go), has 160 kbps bitrate and can be burned to CD or transferred to various music players. However, the music format of choice is Microsoft's DRM (Digita Rights Management) specialty, WMA.

Depite its advantages even over iTunes, Musicmatch has struggled over the last few years. With greater capital for advertising, other music networks have far exceeded its online presence. While Musicmatch only has about 250,000 users, the fast growing Rhapsody service and iTunes have far surpassed not only its membership numbers, but its popularity. Even Napster, with its name pushing its way into popularity, has managed to penetrate many college campuses across the United States.

However, now with Yahoo! as a major financial backer, it appears Musicmatch's fortunes are about to change for the better. For a purchase price of $160 million, Musicmatch will become an intergrated mechanism in the Yahoo! Corporation. In Yahoo!'s press release, they state the purchase will increase their online music presence from "12.9 million to an estimated 23 million listeners." How Musicmatch's 250,000 subscribers will magically add an additional 11 million listeners is not explained in the press release.

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