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Save Betamax
September 8, 2004
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Many of you have probably heard about the INDUCE act that the recording industries are attempting to pass. For a while it seemed that the INDUCE act would be another one of the many bills that quietly die without passage, but it appears that the recording industries are pushing harder than ever to get it passed.

The INDUCE act is a bill that will undermine the famous Betamax decision, which is the only thing that allows you to legally own a VCR, CD Burner, iPod or any other device that stores digital media. INDUCE essentially gives the recording industry veto power over a vast array or new devices and technology. Additionally, it creates a serious liability for companies that produce these devices (i.e. Apple and their iPod).

To combat the serious threat of the INDUCE Act, we must make our voices heard. Downhill Battle has launched a site called Save Betamax that allows you to do just that. Save Betamax is a National Call-in Day scheduled for September 14, designed to let Congress hear your voice.

If you feel that the INDUCE Act is not a good thing, head over to Save Betamax and register for the Call-In, or just visit to learn more about the act itself.

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