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Doom 3 Released Early
August 1, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Preleased movies and music has befuddled the copyright industry for years. Typically, big release movies often find themselves online days or even weeks prior to their official release. Music also finds its way online through various channels, the most recent news maker being U2's "Vertigo."

Doom 3, the highly anticipated 3rd person "shoot 'em up", is set to be released in stores on August 3rd. However, it appears the game ended up being shipped and sold at several Best Buy locations early. It is currently unclear whether this was an unauthorized sale or not.

When any type of media makes its way either to the theater, music store or other outlet, it is not a question of if, but when such entertainment will end up online. Such is the case with Doom 3, as it appears release groups got a hold of the game early and through completely legitimate channels.

Within a day of reporting that Doom 3 had made its way to Best Buy and an independent game store, the game has rapidly spread across the file-sharing community. The Newsgroups once again get first place as it was posted on July 31st, while BitTorrent quickly made this release available perhaps a half day later.

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