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Music Downloads Now Included For Awards
July 10, 2004
Chuck Solitude
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Today, for an artist to get an award for an album or cd it must achieve 500,000 copies sold for it to be qualified as gold. For platinum, it must sell a million. A lot of hoopla is given to such a group that achieves this mark in sales.

Soon, this will also include downloaded songs. This will be implimented in late August as the industry will launch the new program. The qualifications will be:

100,000 copies - Gold

200,000 copies - Platinum

Multiple platinum awards will be given starting at 400,000 sold and increase by 200,000 download sales.

The industry is trying all the harder to make pay for download sites more appealing to the public. This is happening in the shadows as the music industry continues its pursuit of prosecuting those participating in downloading music they feel is illegal on p2p sites. One can safely say this is like a "Cold War" of exposing music to their masses. One side makes a breakthrough and the other side counters their action. The struggle is bound to continue until one side gives and some sort of argeement is decided. The true strength and popularity of a song/album is becoming harder and harder to pinpoint an exact number on as file-sharing has blurred the lines and made it almost laughable to include pay-per services and neglect to account for the P2P world outside of this realm.

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