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AOL-ful Adverts
July 3, 2004
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CD consumers need to battle with DRM and ever increasingly complicated routines in order to play their music on a personal computer. But now they have a new enemy: Adverts.

AOL Watch is reporting that the service provider AOL is bundling advertisements with CDs made by the Sony Music Corporation.

Celine Dion’s “Let’s Talk About Love” album plays normally on a standard CD player. However, when placed in a PC, the user is forced to view an advertisement for “50 HOURS FREE” of AOL.

Users have also complained that the album, which includes the hit “Titanic” theme, forces an upgrade upon next logging onto the America On Line service.

Bob La Due reports at AOL Watch that, “There is no notice on the outside packaging and a small insert sheet inside that, basically says, AOL is offering a 50 hour trial. They do not, however, tell you that your computer will not play the music the way it is intended to be and that you need to go here, go there, click on this and do that in order to enjoy Celine's fine music.”

This is not how most people would choose to spend $14 (

Multiple other irate customers have contacted AOL Watch with the same concerns.

As compact disks are made less attractive, it is without doubt who the industry will blame for the resulting falling sales.

There is a bit of hope. Users can receive another, advert free, version of the CD by contacting Sony Music at

Music fans will be hoping that this is the first and last time they see behaviour like this.

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