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Slyck's Interview with KCeasy
May 19, 2004
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KCeasy is a front end client that uses the giFT daemon to connect to OpenFT and Gnutella. Originally, it also connected to FastTrack, however Sharman saw this as an intrusion and ordered KCeasy to disable this feature. Despite this temporary setback, KCeasy has reinvented itself and has begun to sprawl in the P2P community. Thanks to our moderator Juggalo15 for conducting this interview and for the developer of KCeasy for participating.

Juggalo: Where did you come up with the name KCeasy?

KCeasy: When I started writing KCeasy it was just a small personal project of mine and I didn't really care for a name. So I simply used an old DOS program which generates random words and picked KCeasy from the results.

Juggalo: How did you feel after Sharman put a stop to the FastTrack portion of your program?

KCeasy: I don't care much for FastTrack these days. Development on the FastTrack plugin for giFT started over a year ago and since then the quality of the files on the network has declined a lot. The plugin fulfilled its original purpose of providing FastTrack access to non-windows platforms and is in a stable state now. There hasn't even been much development within the last few months. So removing the plugin from the KCeasy distribution wasn't much of an issue to me. Certainly not enough to risk an expensive legal dispute.

Juggalo: What does KCeasy offer over other giFT clients?

KCeasy: There aren't many clients for windows which use giFT exclusively as their back end. The only one I am currently aware of is Luna's giFTwin32. The difference to it is that KCeasy has giFT integrated and includes a media player and library of shared files. Basically KCeasy is the more feature rich application while giFTwin32 has a small footprint and is more suitable for people with older hardware or who don't want all the bells and whistles.

Juggalo:: Do you believe your program will continue to flourish after the removal of FastTrack? If so why?

KCeasy: I don't think the removal of FastTrack access will be much of a problem for KCeasy. The OpenFT network has a lot of files already and the quality is much higher than on FastTrack. With the next major release of giFT a lot of limitations currently hindering the
development of plugins for other networks will be removed and I think
we will also get access to other popular networks then.

Juggalo: Can you give us a hint on what features are to be included in the near future?

KCeasy: I am currently experimenting with the possibility of explicitly searching for torrents on OpenFT. This will require an external bittorrent client for downloads at first but we will see how that all works out in the end.

What I also plan for the next version is full support for magnet links. I have been putting this off for a while because it requires internal rewrites but I realize it is very important with the ever
increasing numbers of fake files on the networks.

Juggalo: Do you see giFt as the future of your program or do you plan to move on to different projects/networks?

KCeasy: I don't plan to change KCeasy into anything not giFT related. If I am going to work on something new it will be a completely different project.

Juggalo: When can we expect a new release of your program?

KCeasy: The last release was just a week ago so the next one is probably off at least a month.

Juggalo: Filesharing has become somewhat dangerous lately, what has KCeasy done to insure privacy?

KCeasy: This is not directly KCeasy related but dependant on the plugins used by giFT. There currently is an ip blocklist for the Gnutella network which can be updated through KCeasy. OpenFT currently is so small that nobody bothers.

There have been a lot of file sharing programs lately which claim some degree of anonymity. Few of them have published detailed papers on how their system is supposed to work however and without being able to review what they do it is safest to assume they provide no anonymity at all instead of falling into a false sense of security.

Anonymity is generally very hard to achieve and at this point I wouldn't choose my file sharing application based on anonymity. The most security currently still comes from hiding in the masses.

Juggalo: Are there any plans for integrating some of the plugins into the core program. Maybe to try to get away from having to rely on the plugins?

KCeasy: No. That would entirely defeat the idea of giFT being a platform independent daemon which supports a multitude of front ends and

Juggalo: Anything i missed and you would like to get out feel free to add what you need.

KCeasy: I would like to use the opportunity to ask people who are still using KCeasy 0.12 or earlier to update to 0.13. You can simply install the new version over your old install and it will keep all the settings. We discovered a couple of serious bugs in the OpenFT code which have been fixed in the latest version and the health of the entire network will improve when people update.

There also seems to be a new client based on KCeasy which is almost exclusively used in China. Unfortunately this client is grossly misconfigured by default and causes a lot of trouble for the OpenFT network. The client seems to use a default user name of "MP3MusicSearch". If anyone knows how I can contact the author of this application please tell me at

Juggalo: Alright everyone be sure to thank Markus Kern for taking time out of his day to participate in this interview. Very Happy

Also please visit to try his program and show your appreciation.

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