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iTunes Download Prices to Increase?
May 9, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Depending on your point of view, news that Apple is increasing the price of content on iTunes may be disappointing, or music to your ears. Those who have an axe to grind with the RIAA may welcome this news, as it will discourage new membership to subscription service. Others who are hopeful of a fair and reasonable distribution method may have to shell out at least $1.25 for new music.

The New York Post has posted and article which states that the big five record labels, with Universal, Sony, BMG, EMI and Warner Music, have pushed for a deal that would increase the price for premium content.

In addition, The Register is reporting that premium album sales will also be on the increase. Currently, an individual can purchase an album over iTunes for $9.99, however some may be sold for a hefty $16.99.

However, Apple is denying the article, stating that they will stick with the $.99 model. The two conflicting reports has stirred up confusion in the "legitimate" distribution world, as many have suspected that Apple may soon raise their price. The New York Post has not clarified their article; or offered any kind of retraction yet. We will keep you posted.

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