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Apple's iTunes Breaks Download Record
May 6, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Few doubt that Apple's iTunes is a runaway success. Although iTunes is a DRM laden network that gives very little back to the artists, many individuals are attracted to this flashy community. After one year in existence, iTunes has distributed over 70 million tracks. Actually, now make that 73.3 million.

One week after the launch of iTunes 4.5, 3.3 million tracks have been downloaded, breaking the previous record if 2.7 million tracks. Its an impressive accomplishment for an otherwise struggling industry. Napster has thus far floundered with a mere 5 million downloads, while other "legitimate" services simply do not measure up to iTunes.

iTunes invasion has been impressive, with a nearly 70% lock on the market. Many attribute this to the fact that Mac users generally do not have a viable P2P alternative, although the threat of RIAA lawsuits has forced others to try "legal" distribution methods

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