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Tracking Digital Music
January 20, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Traceable mp3 files have usually been associated with DRM (Digital Rights Management.) As time moves on, the technology is beginning to expand from its origins. Relatable, a Boston technology start-up, is offering this technology to music labels.

Instead of protecting mp3s, the technology would be used to track downloads off subscription music services, such as MusicNet and PressPlay. However, the success of this venture is largely dependent on the success of these services.

News about PressPlay and MusicNet has been scant in the last six months. These services were designed to replace free P2P networking by being faster and having higher quality music. Yet, file-sharing continues to provide fast, high quality service. The great flood of false mp3s never materialized, and files continue to move quickly as P2P technology improves.

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