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Overnet Update
January 19, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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On the 15th and 16th of this month, MetaMachine expressed concern regarding the adverse affects mlDonkey on the Overnet community. In addition to limiting mlDonkey, there are many new changes since the last update.

·Refreshing queue no longer causing lost of rank
·Filters doubling fixed
·Filters crash fixed
·Stray layout.dat files not created in root directories
·Certain layouts would be lost if you never viewed the page in an instance
·Tooltips work again
·No longer publishes too early
·All connections will time out even if misbehaving

Download View:
·Downloads that are missing parts are red

Search View:
·Submitting search highlights last search instead of clearing
·Availability changes color of items

Friends View:
·Clicking delete on directories crash fixed
·Can use mouse when adding friends

·Most controls can now be colored. Look in the section of the controls and you can set the colors of the text, backgrounds, etc. If you delete or comment out a value, it will default to windows defaults.
·Background size minimum enforced (56 pixel high)
·Default background tab buttons changed dimension, background hanged dimension

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