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Microsoft Warns P2P Users
February 19, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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It has become common practice in the file-sharing community not to trust the likes of the RIAA or MPAA. However, most already know these trade organizations are actively working to collect information and corrupt file-sharing networks.

However, is reporting that Microsoft is actually working with some P2P developers to determine the identities of those downloading the Windows 2000 and Windows NT source code. If true, this questions the trust that many file-traders place with P2P developers.

Microsoft stated in a press release they will begin warning users on P2P networks who search for or download the source code. However, at this time Microsoft will not be filing any lawsuits. For now they will simply inform users via snail mail their actions are in breech of copyright laws.

In addition, Microsoft will be placing "alerts" within P2P networks whenever a search for the source code is conducted. The "alert" will notify the individual that downloading the source code is an act of evil., a networking security site, has reported the following information on the Windows 2000 source code only:

"The timestamps on the files generally say 25 July 2000. The source is contained in a Zip file of size 213,748,207 bytes, named, which has been widely circulated on P2P networks. Some dummy files of similar size, containing just strings of zeroes, have also circulated."

Its interesting to note that Microsoft does not specify how it obtained the identities of suspected P2P users, nor does it specify which P2P networks it is working with. Considering the difficulty the RIAA is having obtaining the identities of P2P users, it stands to reason that the article may be accurate.

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