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Longhorn Popping Up in Malaysia
December 1, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Although early betas of Longhorn have been showing up on IRC and the Newsgroups for many months, brave marketers in Malaysia are also offering the operating system in public sale.

In a country well known for rampant piracy, such blatant sale of the operating system come as little surprise. If you're not Internet savvy enough to download the Operating System (OS) from IRC or the Newsgroups, that’s no problem. The OS sells for about $1.58, less than a cup of coffee from Star Bucks.

As points out, Microsoft representatives are quick to state that using the product can present problems for the home user.

"It's not a ready product," Microsoft lawyer Jonathan Selvasegaram told Reuters from Malaysia. "Even if it works for a while, I think it's very risky to install on a home computer."

Other than a curiosity piece, Microsoft Longhorn lacks the ability to be truly usable OS. Many current programs still incompatible (you thought XP was bad) while its stability remains questionable at best.

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