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CD Sales Increase?
November 17, 2003
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Reuters are claiming today that CD sales are on the rise in the USA for the first time in over 3 years. This is in line with recent comments by the RIAA that CD sales have been on the increase in recent weeks.

The Reuters report cites Billboard Magazine as saying that sales this quarter may be greater than sales for the last quarter of 2002. 4th quarter CD sales in 2002 were regarded as a huge disappointment by the US music industry. Claiming that the music industry might beet the sales levels of last years holiday season (after up to 15% decline so far this year) can hardly be classified as a recovery.

The interesting thing is that the RIAA who help control distribution of music and issue much statistics related to music sales are talking up an increase for the first time in years. This comes at the exact same time as they are claiming success in their consumer lawsuit strategy.

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