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KaZaA Lite Updates
January 13, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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The venerable KaZaA Lite client continues to go strong. Over the last week, we've seen a laundry list of improvements to the software, including the release of version 2.02. Most importantly, today’s update fixes a bug that may cause the English version to crash. Check out the latest updates below:

January 13, 2002
· Fixed a bug in the latest English version that could cause KaZaA Lite to crash. The main download mirrors will be updated ASAP.

January 12, 2002
· My shared folder is now placed inside My documents by default. That way it is easier to maintain your shared folders. Plus the folder is now separated from the KaZaA Lite installation folder, providing extra safety when in/uninstalling. Clicking on sig2dat quicklink will add the file to your download queue immediately, no need to restart KaZaA Lite.

· Improved right click menu inside traffic view. Canceling downloads is now in a submenu to prevent accidental canceling of downloads.

· Installer now uses old setting when you install on top of a current installation.

· Removed blank menu items from help menu (English version only).

There're many more changes to the client, including a quicklink to download the latest version.

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