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Half Life 2 Source Code Leaked
October 4, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Leaks of music and movies into the file-sharing world are nothing new to these respective industries. The RIAA has learned to expect music leakage, while the MPAA combats a similar issue.

In fact, one of the higher profile cases recently was the prerelease of "The Hulk", weeks prior to its theatrical release. This caused a furor at the MPAA, who successfully tracked down and prosecuted the individual responsible.

Yet this is nothing new to the music or movie industry, as both mediums are regularly leaked prior to their official release (remember when "Star Wars, Attack of the Clones" was prereleased?)

While it is common for these industries, little attention has been given to the computer gaming industry.

It now seem this constant has changed. A hacker penetrated Valve's network (the development team for Half Life 2) and downloaded a large chunk of Half Life2's source code and posted it online.

"The source code does not allow a person who downloads it to play the game, but it contains enough core programming that it could be used to create games with different graphics." said Michael Pachter, a gaming analyst with Wedbush Morgan.

“You can take that engine, which essentially just tells the characters how to interact with one another, and turn the scientist battling the aliens into a military guy battling Iraqis in the desert,” he said.

Half Life 2, once expected this month, has been pushed back to December. Could a modified version be coming soon to a Newsgroup near you?

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