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BlackClaw DC++ - DirectConnect Made Easy
September 29, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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It seems many major P2P networks have a "home grown" alternative. FastTrack has Kazaa Lite, eDonkey2000 has eMule, while the MP2P network has Clean Blubster.

DirectConnect has always been the ugly ducking of the P2P community. Very little mainstream attention has ever been given to this network, despite is massive size. Slowly, this trend is changing as third party developers have brought about renewed interest in this network.

In addition, while Sharman is quick to lay claim to the P2P crown (a claim that remains highly dubious), DirectConnect's wealth of 6231.95 Terabytes of information is in direct competition with FastTrack. In fact, since the RIAA laid siege to this network, DirectConnect has many times surpassed the resources available on FastTrack.

Much like eMule has benefited the eDonkey2000 community, the DC++ variant has also vastly improved the usability of this network. Its easy to use, single window, non-cluttered interface has brought about new interest in this venerable community. This isn't to say the official DirectConnect client is bad, quite the contrary as version 2.0 has made this program somewhat more competitive with DC++.

DC++'s greatest attribute is perhaps its open source nature (not to mention multiple hub connections.) This has brought about several variants. One in particular that has stood out with us is BCDC++, or Black Claw DC++. The client expands upon the already extensive list of features of the original DC++. You can check its additional features here.

In conclusion, if you're new to the P2P world and looking to find a new and safer way to share your media, we suggest you explore the great riches of the DirectConnect network. With more information available than FastTrack, you'll be presently surprised with the amount of available music, movies and CD images.

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