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London Firm Hatton & Berkeley Plans to Spearhead UK Pirates
October 2, 2015
Amanda Marie
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A news article published today and titled "UK Anti-Piracy Campaign" appears on the website of Hatton & Berkeley in London. The business services provider states they are proud to be “spearheading the UK’s largest anti-piracy campaign ever”, and that they will be working with Maverick Eye, a German based company that has proclaimed numerous times that they are a leader in protecting intellectual property on P2P sites such as BitTorrent.

Maverick Eye has made the news numerous times as a result of their collaboration with the likes of Dallas Buyers Club for those “pay up or else” letters to alleged infringers, otherwise known as copyright trolling. Maverick Eye as they self-describe, state they provide "world-class surveillance" of intellectual property. At the time of publishing this story, Maverick Eye’s website is currently offline.

Hatton and Berkeley state “We believe that talent, inspiration and risk in art should be rewarded, which is why Hatton and Berkeley stands alongside our colleagues in an international operation that has so far yielded drastic reductions in streaming, torrenting and illegal downloads across Europe."

Hat tip to our friends in the UK for alerting us to this, and for anyone in the UK finding themselves in receipt of an “alleged infringement” letter, you’ll see that many others have been through the same scenario already, which is being openly discussed and ongoing in several of our Slyck Forum Threads. There are several topics which are all related to previous similar lawsuits in the UK. We invite anyone being threatened with a "letter" to participate in the forum discussions.

We'll provide an update as more news on this is available.

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