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Coming Soon, Aurous BitTorrent Based Music App
September 17, 2015
Amanda Marie
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Being dubbed as the Popcorn Time for music, Aurous claims it’s similar to Grooveshark and Spotify, but that it will be a free of charge service with no adware and just an occasional ad banner or some sponsored content. By using the app which has a very pleasant interface, in just seconds users will be able to listen to their favorite songs/artists. Aurous works without central servers and scans archives on other sites and should create a Spotify-like experience for users.

A review of the Aurous Blog, as well as the additional information provided, shows that Aurous will work on Windows, Linux, Mac and they are working to be able to bring Aurous to all Android and IOS devices. Audio files will be supported as well. The app is being developed by Andrew Sampson, who is also the creator of the BitTorrent search engine “Strike Search”.

The link provided above explains that essentially what the dev team has done is turn every Aurous user into their own search engine which also accommodates EOF. They stated they "sped up this process by localizing learning routines so your client can easily spot fakes, we’ve also strictly made clients filter out non-audio files, this shaves seconds off every request." The team has indexed millions of websites by their relevant data which is also decentralized to a degree per their information provided.

With the industry closely watching Popcorn Time, there is no doubt that Aurous will fall under the same watchful eyes. The public alpha release of the app is scheduled for October 10, 2015. You can also follow Sampson’s Twitter feed or the Aurous App feed for updates.

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