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Reality Sets in on Elite “Warez” Server
September 15, 2003
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German authorities moved in under the cloak of darkness and carried out raids at Global Access Telecommunications, and up to eight individuals residences. The target of the raid was a server know by the pirates who frequented it as “Unreality”. This massive sever had the ability to store nearly 11 terabytes of data. It was capable of pumping out bootlegs of the newest runaway Hollywood blockbusters, at speeds approaching nearly 1 gig a second.

Among the residences raided was that of a suspect identified as only Marco C., and employee of Global Access Telecommunications. German officials claim that the server had been operating as a major hub and distribution point for piracy on a global scale. The server had been operating for nearly 2 ½ years. Around 400 users had accounts to access the server.

"The offenders felt safe due to their secrecy. They never expected to be detected. This case proves our belief in our ability to operate successfully against these sources. We have information about several more servers." Said Bernd Kulbe, the lead investigator. Slyck has learned but been unable to confirm that these release groups where among those who used [I]“Unreality”[/I] as a dump site. PANTHEON , DCN , FTV , Boozers , RORiSO

These groups are among some of the most active releasers of “warez” onto the internet. TCF (the chosen few), is legendary for it release of first run movies. While FTV specializes in pre-broadcast feeds of television shows. What effect if any this has on the “scene” remains to be seen. It is likely that some groups may at the very least lay low for awhile.

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