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It’s Becoming a Frickin’ Law. Russia Bans Cussing In Films, Books, Music
May 6, 2014
Amanda Marie
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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed off on a new law on Monday, which prohibits any cursing for entertainment events in Russia, and that includes all arts and cultural events. According to a report from CNN, the Kremlin states that the new legislation "bans the use of obscene language when ensuring the rights of Russian citizens to the use of the state language, and protecting and developing language culture." Violators will be fined.

New films containing what’s considered to be obscene language will not be able to obtain a distribution certificate, and therefore will not be shown at theaters. Any copies of books, CDs or films that contain swearing can only be distributed in a sealed package labeled "contains obscene language," a Kremlin statement said.

CNN cited state news agency ITAR-Tass, which reported that individuals caught using foul language face a fine of up to $70, officials can be fined up to $40, and businesses possibly up to $1,400. Repeat offenders will pay higher fines, and businesses can face suspensions.

The news agency also said that the determination on which words are considered profanity will be done through "an independent examination." There are so many words considered to be "offensive" or deemed swear words by certain people, that it will be interesting to see which words are actually chosen.

The new law could come into effect as early July 1st, per ITAR-Tass, but the law will not apply to cultural and artistic works that had already been issued.

This is complete censorship of freedom of “expressed” speech. Even rappers and rockers will have to censor their lyrics now. Potty mouths in Russia better beware!

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