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Rightscorp Scores Again, Gets 600 Copyrights from Rotten Records to Protect
April 16, 2014
Amanda Marie
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The number of copyrights being protected by Rightscorp keeps increasing. According to a press release today, Rightscorp announced that it has now secured an agreement with Rotten Records to represent and monitor its copyrighted song and DVD assets against online copyright infringement. Rotten Records represents the extreme metal and hardcore acts. Rotten Records currently has over 30 bands signed to its label and features bands such as Acid Bath, Dog Fashion Disco, Salt The Wound, D.R.I. and many others.

Recently, on March 31st, Rightscorp announced they received the rights to represent more than 13,000 copyrights from Blue Pie Productions, one of the world's leading independent labels, publishers, and distributors, and on February 28th they announced that they were monitoring 13 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is all new business for them, and these latest copyrights are in addition to the more than 1,000,000 copyrights they are already protecting. They have partnered with major motion picture studios, numerous Platinum recording artists, Academy Award-winning films, top TV shows and many others. They claim that they have already received settlements from subscribers of more than 50 ISPs and have closed over 50,000 cases of copyright infringement to date.

The press release states, “Rightscorp implements existing laws to solve copyright infringements by collecting payments from illegal file sharing activities via notifications sent through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The Company's technology identifies copyright infringers, who are offered a reasonable settlement option when compared to the legal liability defined in the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA). Based on the fact that 22% of all Internet traffic is used to distribute copyrighted content without permission or compensation to the creators, Rightscorp is pursuing an estimated $2.3 billion opportunity and has monetized major media titles through relationships with industry leaders.”

They keep adding more copyrights to protect but have yet to see any profit from their increasing revenues.

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