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Rightscorp Adds 13,000 More Copyrights From Blue Pie Records to Protect
March 31, 2014
Amanda Marie
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In a press release posted today, Rightscorp has announced that it has received the rights to represent more than 13,000 copyrights from Blue Pie Productions, one of the world's leading independent labels, publishers, and distributors.

Christopher Sabec, CEO of Rightscorp stated, "We are honored to secure this representation agreement with Blue Pie Productions." He also added, "Being acknowledged by a well-respected international label is meaningful as it demonstrates the value of our services to monitor and protect artists against copyright infringements. Global recorded music sales have suffered approximately $1.5 billion annually due to piracy which is why we are focused on helping content owners track and monetize their assets."

At the end of February, Righstcorp had announced that they had begun to also monitor songs from the Billboard Hot 100 List, and that they were previously representing more than 1,000,000 copyrights. Now they can add another 13,000 to that list.

We expect this trend to continue as the music industry keeps fighting for the rightsholders in an attempt to catch alleged copyright infringers. While Rightscorp has yet to see any profit as a result of their rapid growth, their revenues will continue to increase with each new copyright added to their list of ones to protect.

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