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RIAA Lawsuit Backlash Continues
September 11, 2003
Raymond Hoffman
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This article is a news roundup summarizing the last few days since the RIAA issued 261 lawsuits against file-sharing users.

The RIAA and the record labels have found themselves in quite a jam as many artists are speaking out against the lawsuits that are supposedly protecting their rights. An article in the SF Gate quotes many artists as completely disagreeing with the tactics of the RIAA. "Lawsuits on 12-year-old kids for downloading music, duping a mother into paying a $2,000 settlement for her kid?" said rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy. "Those scare tactics are pure Gestapo." This article is a must read for anyone wishing to understand the real meaning behind the RIAA lawsuits. SF Gate Article.

In other news on this issue, the RIAA shocked people when they found out that the RIAA sued a 12 year old girl a few days ago (more here) and now it turns out that they have also sued a 71 year old grandfather as well. The man says that he had some grandchildren visit him sometimes and perhaps they did it. What a thing to have happen at 71, to receive a lawsuit for something you didn't even do! And lets add to that a quote by the president of the RIAA Cary Sherman: "We expect people to say 'It isn't me, it was my kid,' but someone has to take responsibility," You can read this whole article here.

News writers are speaking out with a lashing tongue as well. The author of this article from The Inquirer delivers blow after blow dismissing the propaganda the RIAA has been putting out there.

There is also news coming from Australia and the UK where music companies have stated that they will not be suing file-sharers as the RIAA is. You can read the Australian article here, and the UK article here.

The RIAA has also been sued by attorney Ira Rothken claiming their new amnesty program called Clean Slate is a fraudulent business practice. You can read about this here.

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