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Downloaders Beware; Rightscorp Now Monitoring Billboard Hot 100 Songs
February 28, 2014
Amanda Marie
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In a press release published by PR Newswire, Rightscorp, an anti-piracy monitoring firm acting on behalf of digital media copyright owners, has announced that they are now monitoring 13 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. If you’re prone to choosing some of the more recent popular songs for downloading, you may want to proceed with caution.

The announcement made by Christoper Sabec, CEO of Rightscorp states, "Our business model is aimed at monetizing copyrighted intellectual property such as music, films, books, video games and software, which are shared without the permission of their owners. We are pleased to announce that we are monitoring and protecting 13 songs on the current Billboard Hot 100. We are in discussions with content creators and rights holders of additional copyrighted property including many other tracks in the Hot 100 as the entertainment industry places more value on our unique service."

In a Sample Settlement posted on their website, Rightscorp is asking for $20, and that amount is still relatively the same for current infringements. Notices will be sent to any one of the many ISPs in the U.S. when there has been an alleged infringement. Rightscorp explains on their website how to pay a notice if you have received one.

In the announcement Rightscorp mentions that it currently represents more than 1,000,000 copyrights and has partnered with major motion picture studios, numerous Platinum recording artists, Academy Award-winning films, top TV shows and many others. They claim that they have already received settlements from subscribers of more than 50 ISPs and have closed over 50,000 cases of copyright infringement to date.

While $20 per song does not seem like a huge sum of money, if caught with all 13 songs, it could cost someone $260.

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