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KickAss Torrents Blocked in Ireland by ISPs
January 20, 2014
Amanda Marie
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Back in November of 2013, Ireland issued a court order for ISPs to begin blocking the KickAss Torrent site which was in response to legal action from Warner, Universal and Sony. Several ISPs made agreements with the music companies and began blocking the site voluntarily as of this month.

We began receiving reports about two days ago that Eircom, the largest telecommunications provider in the Republic of Ireland, has now also blocked KickAss Torrents on a voluntary basis, and not in response to a court order. When attempting to gain access to the site, visitors are greeted with a message stating “access to this IP address relating to this website has been blocked.”

KickAss Torrents, more commonly referred to as KAT, was founded in 2008. ISPs in the UK were ordered to block KAT in February of 2013, and Belgian ISPs began blocking KAT in August of 2013.

If you recall, Ireland was one of the first countries to begin ISP level blocking starting with a mandatory block of The Pirate Bay in 2009. Eircom backed out of the court battle at that time and blocked The Pirate Bay voluntarily. Ever since then, KickAss Torrents has been number one in Ireland. Now, much to the disappointment of KAT fans, their favorite torrent site has also been blocked.

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