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Music Industry Cites 100,000,000 Take Down Notices to Google
January 14, 2014
Thomas Mennecke
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Remember when people used P2P networks for their music needs? They still do of course, but pay sites have become so much better over the last decade that the music industry could with some confidence say their efforts to steer people towards "legitimate" means has been successful. But Google have also been a successful source of unauthorized music as well. So much that the global music industry has sent 100,000,000 take down notices to Google.

In face, Google is so well known for its ability to index music (same goes for Youtube), the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) didn't even bother to hide the method people generally use to search for free music via Google via their press statement:

"If you search for an artist’s name and the term “mp3” on Google, the first page of results you get is still dominated by links to infringing
sites," laments Frances Moore, CEO of the IFPI.

Google certainly doesn't want to be seen as a facilitator of piracy, so it'll be interesting to see what actions, as if they need a reminder, they will take. But competing interests, such as distribution of information, will remain a strong issue as Google grapples with this information moving forward. It doesn't seem this number also includes Youtube, but we'll look into that.

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