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Manolito P2P Network Targeted
August 25, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Looking to find a safe haven from the persecution of the FastTrack network, many users headed over to the popular Manolito P2P network. While FastTrack has seen its number decline in the last month, the Manolito has managed to grow.

However, Manolito's growth has brought about the attention of the RIAA. With over 200,000 simultaneously connected users, this network has become one of the favorite networks for mp3 traders.

With this startling revelation brings about more questions as to the size of the RIAA’s operation. Until now, it was common knowledge that the RIAA's dragnet only included the FastTrack network. This speculation has proven to be quite false; as it now appears their scope is much wider. No press release had been distributed indicating that they were to broaden their horizon's to include the Manolito network. Even if they did, few would know considering the RIAA's website has been under a constant DoS attack.

Also, considering that the RIAA has opened a new front in the online copyright war, one has to wonder how broad it truly is. Can WinMX, Gnutella, eDonkey2000 or OverNet all be under the gun? With little information leaking from the RIAA, we'll only know when the subpoena list is updated. Just remember, think before you expose your shared directory online.

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