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Trade On?
August 19, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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The RIAA has been coming under a constant barrage of criticism for its efforts to sue the file-sharing community out of existence. In fact, the trade organization had to answer to Congressmen Norm Coleman (R-MN), chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

There has been a bit of confusion lately regarding what exactly would trigger a lawsuit. Would 50 songs trigger a bot? 100? 1,000? Anyone who's been on FastTrack or any other substantial network for a period of time has become familiar with Hot Lists. This feature lists the shared directory of a particular user, which can number in the many thousands, if not tens of thousands.

According to RIAA's President Cary Sherman, the organization is "gathering evidence and preparing lawsuits only against individual computer users who are illegally distributing a substantial amount of copyrighted music..." and "is in no way targeting de minimus users."

Considering a majority of file-swappers share a marginal amount of files, does this revelation by the music industry give a green light to trade on? Also, keeping in mind the intense scrutiny the RIAA has received from congress, especially regarding "frivolous lawsuits", its likely the RIAA may never pursue the average trader. This revelation may alleviate any remaining fears in the P2P community.

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