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Zeropaid Should Return Soon, Lulzsec Twitter Page Causes Traffic Surge
June 25, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller was taken offline indirectly by Lulzsec - and quite inadvertently. The folks over at Zeropaid recently wrote an interesting article about how some ISPs are not so inclined to adhere to censorship demands, thanks to increased pressure by Lulzsec and organizations like it. Lulzsec tweeted about this article, and the mass traffic surge knocked offline.

"Er... breaking news... LulzSec's linkage breaks Zero Paid website. :( ", a recent Lulzsec twitter post reads.

But this shouldn't take too long to resolve - once the traffic dies down a bit the site should come back online. The management of Zeropaid is aware of the problem, and is actively working to restore the site. So don't worry folks, one of the web's oldest and resourceful P2P communities should return shortly.

It should be noted the significance of this event. Lulzsec's prominence has grown to the point where it has its own "Lulzsec effect" - much like the Slashdot effect had on some websites. Its media and internet following has grown considerably, as it has passed over 250,000 Twitter followers. We expect this trend to continue as the mass of followers grows.


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