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Weekly BitTorrent Lawsuit Update – 543 Does Sued
June 20, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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In our weekly focus on BitTorrent lawsuits, we once again bring you the latest wrapup of all the copyright actions filed against alleged copyright infringers. There are no earth shattering revelations from this past week, however, a significant number of John Does were sued - 543 in total. Let's break it down.

On behalf of First Time Video (FTV), filed a complaint against 294 Does for sharing the video "Tiffany". This particular film has appeared in numerous copyright complaints.

Next up is Pacific Century International, this time attempting to defend "Amateur Creampies - Sensi Pearl". A more modest number of John Does were alleged in this case, "only" 87.

Liberty Media Holdings also filed a complaint, however, the actual complaint isn't currently published on the public docket. Once again, Liberty is suing an entire swarm, but specifically 121 John Does are alleged. Although the movie in question isn't publicized, Liberty has a substantial concern over the gay title "Down on the Farm", which it has sued over in the past.

Wrapping up our coverage are the 41 lawsuits filed by Boy Racer and FTV. Actually, there were two distinct lawsuits filed, one against 18 Does, the other against 23 Does for sharing Boy Racer's Pink and FTV's Tiffany, respectively.


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